1. Enter your current pay. This can be hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or annual pay. You can enter dollars and cents. When you click the decimal place, you'll automatically shift to the decimal text box. (Cool, huh?)
  2. Enter what period that you receive that pay within. Bi-weekly means every 2 weeks. Semi-monthly means twice a month (like on the 1st and 15th).
  3. Enter the value of your salary increase.
  4. Enter what kind of pay increase you wish to calculate. If it's an increase (example... a dollar raise), then select 'increase'. If it's a percent, then percent. If you know your new rate... you can select that, too.
  5. Enter how many hours you work or are paid for in a week (sometimes it's not the same, huh? Yea... I know!) This will allow the calculator to calculate your hourly pay.
  6. Enter the number of decimal places you want to round off at. Then click Calculate!